ACE COMBAT 7's 3 DLC Aircraft Have Finally Been Confirmed!


We have know for a long time that the Ace Combat 7 DLC would give players access to a trio of new aircraft, we just never knew which aircraft they would be. That is until today when Bandai Namco released a new DLC teaser trailer outlining each of the three new craft. First we have the ADF-11F Raven, which first premiered in Ace Combat 7, releasing on May 22. The Raven comes equipped with tactical lasers or unmanned aerial vehicles which can be deployed to hunt down targets! The ADF-01 Falken, of Ace Combat 2 and 5 fame, will follow the following month on June 26. The Falken will also feature the tactical laser system as well as see one of Ace Combat’s fan favorite weapons making its return in Ace Combat 7, the fuel-air explosive bomb!

The final aircraft of the season pass is the ADFX-01 Morgan from Ace Combat: Zero, which will take flight on July 31. Like the previous 2 craft the Morgan will once again deploy a tactical laser system as well as an integrated electronics warfare system to jam up enemy missiles. The Morgan will also have access to the multi-purpose burst missile which can devastate a large area on the ground or in the sky! New planes weren’t the only things on offer from this new trailer though as new player skins have also be unveiled! New skins for the Su-30, F-22A, X-02S featuring colors from the Sol squadron Mihaly and Mobius 1 are sure to delight! As I have previously reported, the Ace Combat 7 season pass will also give players access to new missions that take place outside of the main games story so we have that to look forward to as well!

Share what you think of the DLC aircraft below and one you might have liked to see as well!