Activision Ruining MODERN WARFARE REMASTERED By Adding Supply Drops

Activision just couldn't help themselves and had to modernize Modern Warfare Remastered. In addition to adding 6 free maps (Bloc, Countdown, Strike, Pipeline, Showdown and Wet Work) and special Christmas settings once only available on PC, supply drops are now a part of the game you once loved and adored. The team snuck it into their blog near the bottom of the post which says the following...

"Today’s batch includes animated calling cards, emblems, camos, character personalization items, weapon customization pieces, and even new melee weapons. You can craft them with our crafting currency called Parts, or obtain them through supply drops. The choice is yours, so earn as you deem fit. You can also grind your way through to everything."

As many have stated who oppose the move, this sets a dangerous precedent and runs the risk of ruining what has so far been a pleasant reboot of a classic game. Sure supply drops that just offer skins aren't the worst thing in the world...but just like with Black Ops 3 it's only a matter of time before we see exclusive weapons being added that are acquired via "supply drop only". So then that happens and the community revolts and Activision says "relax guys we'll add a Vanilla mode" and then you've further splintered your community as opposed to just not fixing a system that wasn't broken to begin with!

I want to know who was clamoring for supply drops outside of the higher ups at Activision? If I had to guess, I would wager a majority of those that own the game bought it solely for the classic experience that they felt the series has lost in it's evolution...not because they were hoping it would be brought up to the current Activision standard of DLC everything. 

Maybe I'm the one overreacting but I just don't understand the move...can you justify it? Share your thoughts below.