Adventurous Fan-Made Live Action Movie Trailer For THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

The Legend of Zelda is a classic Nintendo video game that fans have been waiting to see brought to the big screen for years. One day it might happen, especially since Nintendo is actually thinking about getting into the movie business again.

While we wait to see what happens with that, here’s a great fan-made trailer for a non-existent live-action film for the fantasy franchise. It was created by Brandon Davidson, who says:

“We got together with some of our local cosplayers and made a fake trailer trying to show that Legend of Zelda would make an incredible movie. It was a really fun project for us and thought it'd be fun to share with you guys"

“Our trailer is more of a mood piece for a Zelda movie in general rather than any particular game or story, but having said that, my personal favorite for a movie would be Ocarina of Time (and then they should do Majora's mask as the sequel). We tease that a little bit in the trailer."

“Every single one of the Legend of Zelda games would make an incredible movie (interested Peter Jackson?). My personal favorite game for a movie is Ocarina of Time. Which do you think would make the best movie?”

It’s a solid fan trailer, and hopefully one day we’ll actually see Link embark on an epic adventure on the big screen. 

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