AGONY'S Unrated Version Gets Cancelled After A Disappointing Release


A few weeks ago, developer Madmind released the highly-anticipated and controversial title Agony. Unfortunately, Agony was met with massive disappointment and mostly negative reviews. The game was called out for significant performance issues on all platforms, which pretty much broke the developer’s pre-release promise that the game would not compromise on quality and content. 

As it turns out, the unrated version of Agony that will feature the gorier content that had to be removed from the game to release on consoles has been cancelled.

In the game’s Steam page, developer Madmind announced that “Our company is currently struggling with financial problems. Due to technical and legal reasons, Madmind must cancel the development of Agony: Unrated.” Furthermore, they revealed that the team will be focusing on patches in the long run. 

Although the concept behind Agony is somewhat interesting, the game failed to deliver on its promises and ended up disappointing its players. In our review of Agony, we noted how “the game has its moments where it is enjoyable, and it has moments that are frustrating. The AI of the demons is poorly done and can break the immersion of the game. It is obvious that they put a lot more time into the graphical aspect of Agony than any other part of the game.” 

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