Amazon Prime’s THE BOYS Mini Review: A Breath Of Fresh Air


If you’ve read our first impressions article on the new super-charged TV series, then you know that The Boys is taking on the superhero genre from a fresh angle. Though, HBO’s Watchmen might crash the party later with its dark and moody comic book fare. But for now, The Boys has the market cornered. It’s violent, profane, and it hits all the right notes on the dystopian world of corrupt heroes and corporate greed.

The pilot kicked off the eight-episode season with a bang, and it was clear that we’re looking at a different animal. The first five minutes alone shock your system. After that, though, the remaining seven episodes take the baton and keep on running. The show follows two protagonists, one whose world collapses after a run-in with a Supe, the nickname for super-abled people, and another who is brought onboard with the mega-corporation that manages the Supes. A normal guy and a super-powered woman. These two perspectives contrast nicely throughout the series until they come head to head in the finale.

The second season has already been renewed, and the finale will leave you wondering where in the world our protagonists will go next. So with assurances that you’ve got more R-rated superhero bingeing in your future, it’s time to settle in on your couch and grab the snacks.

Season 1 of The Boys is available now on Amazon Prime.