APEX LEGENDS Has Taken The Internet By Storm!


The newest contender in the battle royale genre Apex Legends has gotten off to a tremendous start! With a surprise launch yesterday, Apex Legends was able to amass over 1 million unique players within an 8 hour time frame! The game has also seen massive success over on Twitch with viewership peaking at 494,521 people! Needless to say the game is a quick hit in a genre that has been dominated nearly unopposed by Fortnite for over a year.

Following the quick success Respawn has taken the time to outline the roadmap for Apex Legends moving forward. Season 1 begins in March and will include a paid Battle Pass. Just like with Fortnite the Paid battle Pass will allow unlocks of cosmetic items when players reach a certain rank during the season. There will also be “Season Exclusive Cosmetics” each season so only the most dedicated players will be able to get them all.

The Battle Pass will not include new legends so fans of the game won’t need to purchase it to get new legends as they are released. Each season is expected to run for three months with Season 2 already scheduled with a June start date. Crossplay has also been announced to be in the works to allow players battle it out between consoles. Purchases and unlocks will not transfer between platforms however. you can check out the official Apex Legends FAQ here!

Have you played Apex Legends yet? What do you think about the game?