Attendees Of POKEMON GO FEST Are Suing Niantic

Attendees of Pokemon Go Fest were not happy after technical difficulties riddled the event and caused many in attendance to be unable to play the game. Refunds for tickets were issued and in-game currency was granted to those who complained, but apparently, that isn't enough. 

Chicago attorney Thomas Zimmerman says he's been contacted by about 20-30 people who flew into the city for the event after Niantic refused to comp the cost of their travel fees for attending the event. While the tickets were refunded, many of these people maintain the actual trip was the true cost of the event when hotel prices and tickets for flights are taken into consideration. A couple attendees even flew into the event from Japan, which had to cost a pretty penny. 

The lawsuit demands Niantic (who is still netting millions monthly despite decreased use of the app) compensate the attendees for their travel costs, which only seems fair. We'll keep you updated to see if Niantic ponies up, but if they haven't already, it doesn't seem likely to happen.

Source: GameSpot