AWAY Adds More Animals For Players To Control With A Successful Kickstarter


Within the first 24 hours of setting up their Kickstarter, fans of Breaking Walls upcoming game AWAY: The Survival Series have fully supported their campaign. Due to this, they have added a stretch goal where they will add two more creatures to the multitude of creatures we can already look forward to taking control of: A Stag Beetle and a Grasshopper.

In light of the addition of the creatures aside from our main animal, the Sugar Glider, they have released a new gameplay video that features many different creatures under player control. Ranging from frogs to spiders, it is looking like we will have control of the whole forest soon enough! AWAY is just looking better the more they show off and announce on it. If you weren’t already excited, like I am, then get hyped over this latest gameplay reveal trailer: