Barnes & Noble Will Begin Hosting Tabletop Game Nights Soon

Barnes & Noble is trying to muscle in on your local comic shops territory...uh again. First they started selling comics, and now ICv2 is reporting the book store will begin hosting "casual game gatherings" to promote new board games. The events will take place Thursday nights and have the following games...

  • King of Tokyo(Iello)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham(Arcane Wonders)
  • Splendor(Asmodee)
  • Codenames(Czech Games Edition)
  • Lanterns: The Harvest Festival(Renegade)

So how are they going to pull you from your usual friends house, game shop, comic store, or hip local bar? They're offering promotional items that you can get exclusively by attending! Stuff ranges from promotional cards typically given at tournaments, to play mats. While I may stop by one of the 57 stores (no released list of participating stores yet) I'm not going to switch my board game sessions to Barnes and freaking Noble. I'll go see them when I need a Nook...for now I game local. Will you be checking it out?