BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH Receives Unofficial HD Mod

This is a crazy time for fans of old Real-Time Strategy games. Star Wars: Empire At War has had Multiplayer Re-Enabled and Steam Workshop Content, and now Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth has an unofficial HD Mod. A group of fans has come together to create an HD mod for this 13-year-old game. While the mod doesn’t make it look like a current AAA game, it does greatly improve the looks of the game. Just check out the differences between the old and new Legolas and Aragorn models below.


Being as old as this game is, it is no surprise that EA no longer runs servers for fans to play the multiplayer mode. However, T3A:Online has stepped up to allow players to play this game with their online server, and this mod is designed to work with those servers. You can jump over here to download the files.

If you have this game, it may be worth it to break out those CDs again and raise your armies once more. Now if only I could find my CD Keys.