BATTLEFIELD V FIRESTORM is Live and It's Exactly the Intense Experience I've Been Craving

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Getting Fired Up

Firestorm, the Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V is now live and boy, is it a doozy. Originally planned for launch late last year, Firestorm saw constant delays and honestly, I had totally written it off until this past weekend. Well, after a few rounds of what I thought was just going to be a shoddy attempt at tacking on the mode for an already decent but not extraordinary shooter, I couldn’t be more wrong. Besides picking a class mode (which is nothing but cosmetic), this is a polished, intense, and most of all, FUN experience so far.

Ahhh… this is the most sunny, peaceful Battle Royale I’ve experienced yet…

False Sense of Safety

When you first begin your pre-round action and parachute into the immense map (10x bigger than any previous Battlefield map), the impressions initially are “been there, done that” types of feelings. The game runs like a dream, looks gorgeous and even though you see rings of red outside the map, give a false sense of safety. Then, the firestorms begin. Taking the normal walls or boundaries shrinking idea to a whole new level, the ring of fire not only closes in the playing field but burns, crackles and destroys anything in it’s path! I was down to the last four players on one round, hidden in a barn, suddenly, half the barn burned to the ground and I was forced to run out out in the open. This small touch made an intense experience into something special.

… until the barn you are camping in starting burning and crumbling to the ground!

Here’s Hoping

Look, is Firestorm going to pull millions of players from Apex or Fortnite? I doubt it but I am hoping that this solid experience early on will at least give the competition a run for their money. DICE has promised weekly events and other goodies so, here’s hoping this turns into something even more special than my first few rounds of intense, fire driven action.