BEAT SABER'S Expert Plus Difficult Finally Hits PSVR


The hardest difficulty featured on Beat Saber was the appropriately named Expert difficult, but that didn’t seem to be enough for some players. There are always those who are looking to push the bar and get as good at a game as physically possible - and this time, I mean literally physically. For anybody who has played Beat Games incredibly popular and flawlessly reviewed title, you know that this game is no easy task to conquer. However, there is always room for improvement and the Expert+ difficulty brings that out. Check out the quick announcement trailer:

I did take some time to try out this new mode and, as someone who has already achieved the 15 S rank and 15 Full Combo on Expert difficulty trophies, it kicked my ass! Here I thought I was pretty good at Beat Saber and this mode just showed me that there are two types of players: those that are naturally good at music games and those who practice to improve their skill to a beastly level.

For anybody who is currently playing on the Expert difficulty, if you are not able to easily full combo some of the tougher songs (that means Legend and Beat Saber don’t count) then I wouldn’t even try this mode out. As for those that can, or even those that just want to give it a shot, pick the song Legend and put the Slower Song modifier on to help you get starter. This is not a mode to take lightly.