Bethesda Announces Three New DLC Add On's For FALLOUT 4

Bethesda has announced three separate DLC you can purchase soon for Fallout 4, and they all sound promising! IGN writes the DLC will allow for more robots, Deathclaw death matches, and the largest land mass ever added to a game. 

"Automatron" basically sounds like a "seek and destroy" type add on. The quest involves 100 robots led by the evil "Robobrain" that you must hunt down to complete. While the last thing Fallout 4 needs is more "find this kill this" missions, the mode does add around 100 new customization's and mods to robots, which will be cool to use! For $10 bucks, it seems like a justified price and should be available come March.

"Wasteland Workshop" turns the Wasteland into your toy box. In this expansion you'll be able to set traps to capture AND tame various humans and beasts. This means you'll be able to pit Deathclaw against Deathclaw without owning a PC console friends! This one is the cheapest of the DLC coming in at $5 bucks. If you're a console owner looking to replicate the fun you see on PC I consider this one a must have. We should see it in April.

The last and possibly greatest DLC on the list is not cheap. $25 rings in at almost a third of the value of the game, but promises a lot! With "Far Habor" we'll get another Valentine Detective Agency mission, new creatures, weapons, higher level cap, and "the biggest add on landmass Bethesda has ever done". I'm not quite sure what the scale on that is, but it sounds impressive. Expect to see it ready in May.

If you have a season pass you already are getting all this for free...if not I suggest you get on board before the price jumps from $25 to $50 soon!