Bethesda Launches The #SAVEPLAYER1 Campaign, Promises To Rescue Single-Player Games

It was announced tonight at The Game Awards, that Fallout developer Bethesda, together with Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter, will rescue the single-player genre. In the video, Carter is calling out on players to save the single-player game as "every hour around the globe, neglected players feel lonely, shunned by their multiplayer counterparts." 

As someone who plays single-player games more than multiplayer ones, I can definitely relate to the conundrum Bethesda is presenting here. However, although a lot of video game developers are focusing their efforts on online multiplayer games, there are still a lot of publishers, besides Bethesda of course, that are still releasing single player games. 

Although the video campaign is light-hearted and not so serious, I get Bethesda's dedication to keeping players interested in playing single-player games. After all, this is what Bethesda is good at with successful franchises such as Fallout, Skyrim, Wolfenstein, The Evil Within to name a few. 

Besides the campaign to #saveplayer1, Bethesda is also having a sale this week, with games marked down by as much as 50% off, digitally and at selected physical retailers. Bethesda will also be donating $100,000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation, a group dedicated to giving access to scholarships for women and minorities who are planning to take degrees in the field of video game arts. 

Although I personally don't feel neglected by major developers focusing on multiplayer games, I am still supporting the campaign #saveplayer1 because single player games are awesome. Most games that really captured me in terms of the narrative are single player games, the Last of Us for example, or the Witcher series. 

Will you be joining the #saveplayer1 movement? Show your support in the comments below. 

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