BIOSHOCK Director Ken Levine Re-Shares ‘Narrative LEGO’ GDC Presentation

Since Ken Levine shared this just a couple days ago on his Twitter, it raises speculation that he might be on the verge of finally showing us what project he’s been up to since BioShock Infinite. Who knows, but what’s for sure is that there is a ton of knowledge to be gained from this GDC talk that I still kick myself for missing. 

Players enjoy having their hand in the development process. The audience is involved with the creation of games more than they ever have before, as they can provide plenty of feedback on the unfinished product as well as pitch in some coin through crowdfunding. Evolution in the industry based on player involvement brings even more demand for innovation in storytelling.

Levine discusses the concepts of AI, believability, and how narrative building blocks can start small but evolve into infinite scenario possibilities that can open the door for stories in games like we’ve never experienced. 

This is one of many fine examples of what you can learn at GDC, right from some of the most accomplished figures in game development. I’ve personally been taught that it helps to “be the dumbest person in the room” so that you can walk away with something you never knew before. You might be inspired to create something completely original and badass. Game development can be quite the challenging path to take, but guys like Levine always have some new mind blowing concepts to fuel one’s motivation. That’s the experience I’ve always had with his work, and this presentation is no exception.

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