Blizzard May Be Teasing DIABLO 3 for the Nintendo Switch


So Blizzard has just posted a tweet that seems to be teasing the possibility of Diablo 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch. The 6-second video, showed a Diablo themed nightlight being switched on and off repeatedly, with a caption "Sweet Dreams." 

As of now, this tease may be Blizzard’s way of testing the waters to see whether the community will be excited with a possible Diablo game on the Switch. However, it could just be an innocent video, showing off the developer’s fancy little nightlight. Check out the short clip posted by Blizzard below. 

The simple nightlight video has generated tons of hype all over the Internet, with fans assuming that Diablo 3 will be making its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console. It has been a long time ever since a Blizzard game was released to a Nintendo system, which was back in the year 2000 when the developer brought Starcraft to the Nintendo 64, so maybe this isn’t far-fetched after all? 

However, this isn’t the first time for Blizzard to mistakenly led people to believe that one their games is coming to Nintendo. Back in 2016, the official social media accounts of Hearthstone posted a more obvious tease when they tweeted: “@NintendoAmerica We see you #mario. #nx,” with NX being the codename for the Nintendo Switch at the time. However, just last month, the designer for the game, Dean Ayala, has confirmed with Powerup Gaming that there are no plans to port Hearthstone to the Switch. 

As of now, the tease that Blizzard recently posted barely gave us any information regarding the possibility of a Switch port. It’s all purely speculation for now, so players should not get their hopes up until Blizzard makes a clear and official confirmation regarding the port of Diablo III to the Switch. 

What do you think of Blizzard’s tweet? Is it a surefire confirmation? Or did people misinterpret the short video? Share your thoughts in the comments below.