BROFORCE Launch Trailer Will Blast Your Brain With Freedom

Devolver Digital has brought us some of the gnarliest, raddest 2-D indie games to date. Well today marks the launch of their epic, chaotic shooter known as Broforce! I have been playing the early beta for over a year now, and love the crap out of this game. For those not in the know about Broforce, it is a super crazy side-scrolling shooter where you play as stylized versions of famous "bros" from '80's pop culture. Characters like Rambro and Robro Cop just to name a couple. You must battle a slew of bad guys and spread freedom and justice across the universe, all while taking down the devil himself.

To celebrate their bro-tastic release they put together a fun, animated launch trailer that feels like the intro to a G.I. Joe style Saturday morning cartoon. It's a lot of fun and definitely gives you a taste of the spirit of the game.

You can pick up Broforce today on Steam and Humble for your PC or Mac for $9.99! The game will also be releasing on PS4 early next year.

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