Capcom Finally Announces PROJECT RESISTANCE A New RESIDENT EVIL Team Based Split-Off

When it comes to Resident Evil team based spin-off’s you get a really mixed bag when it comes to quality. Are we going to get the awesome quality found in the Resident Evil Outbreak games, or are we going to get the abysmal Operation Raccoon City? It is really hard to tell and each iteration seems to have only gotten worse if the PC/PS4 Umbrella Corps is anything to go off of. Yet here we are in 2019 and Capcom is trying once again to get the Multiplayer Resident Evil games right with Project Resistance.

There have been various rumors regarding Project Resistance for a number of months now, but Capcom has finally pulled back the curtain with an official trailer, which you can watch above. From the trailer we can see that 4 players will be tasked with taking down various enemies from the Resident Evil canon including Zombies, Lickers, and even a Tyrant! What I gleaned most interesting from this short trailer was that there seems to be a 5th player controlling the release of these monsters and even of the Tyrant itself. Could Project Resistance actually be an asymmetrical multiplayer experience? If so that has me far more excited than before! More details have been promised for the title at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show so thankfully we won’t have long to wait to see more.

What do you all think?