Capcom Vows STREET FIGHTER V Support Until 2020

Looks like Capcom is in it for the long haul when it comes to Street Fighter V. Game producer Yoshinori Ono told Famitsu (via Gamespot) that the company is planning to continue support for the game through 2020...

"It's not just a 1-2 year thing. We're looking pretty far ahead ... We've planned out as far as 2020 or so...Street Fighter V is a title we're adding on to as it goes along, so we're working on it while planning ahead on the best way to develop it further."

Good news for people who like the game, bad news for guys like me that are trash at it! I don't know what happened between SFIV and SFV but I cannot play the game at all like I used to. Guess I have more time to practice at least.