Celebrate Hideo Kojima's Birthday With This Thorough SILENT HILLS P.T. Breakdown

With today being the birthday of the incredibly talented and brilliant game developer Hideo Kojima, I thought it would be good to look into some of his old work and see if there was anything fresh to check out. To my luck, a YouTuber known as TheGrateDebate has gone through the ole Silent Hills P.T. demo and come up with what might not be just a mere theory, but a fact: P.T. was not a teaser for Silent Hills.

I’ll admit, when I first heard this statement I thought that it made no sense. I mean, P.T. literally stands for “Playable Teaser,” so what does he mean that isn’t what it was? This 30 minute breakdown of everything within P.T. and how it relates to the struggle that took place between Kojima and Konami before the official separation just makes too much sense. With no context, I will simply say that I was officially hooked at the “10 months ago” moment of the breakdown.

This guy does an amazing job going through everything that was within the short game and really makes you wonder if this is even far off of reality. With how meticulous and meta-loving as Kojima is, I really don’t think this breakdown is anything less than 100% accurate. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments, but either way you see it, going through old Kojima work is a great way to honor him on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Hideo Kojima!