CEO 2018 to allow Smash Boxes, other alternative controllers


For over a year, a raging debate over the legality of alternative controllers such as the Smash Box, a box-style controller most notable for having entirely digital inputs. Detractors of box controller have cited a variety of reasons for them to be banned—the idea that they disturb the purity of the game or lend their users an unfair advantage are leading arguments of the anti-Smash Box set. Supporters of the box-style controllers cite their many advantages; foremost is the fact that they are much easier on the hands than traditional GameCube controllers, allowing hamstrung players such as Aziz “Hax$” Al-Yami the opportunity to continue to compete after their hands become too damaged to play on a traditional controller. Check out this article for a detailed breakdown of the controversy.

The Melee It On Me-sanctioned leadership panel of tournament organizers has largely left the decision of box-style controller legality up to individual TOs, and it has remained legal at many local events throughout the community. However, many major tournaments have frowned upon their use; at last year’s The Big House 7, volunteer staff member Jadon “Jagerbombsoldier” Maloney was told that he couldn’t even remove his box controller from his bag for use in friendlies.

However, on Wednesday, the official Twitter account for Florida’s FGC major CEO tweeted that box-style controllers would be legal at CEO 2018.

The only stipulations given by CEO are that alternative controllers with macros or multiple inputs to one button are banned. Since the Smash Box, B0XX, and other developing box-style controllers are not designed with macros, this means they will be legal in tournament play.

As of yet, it’s unclear if this revelation will cause any significant shake-ups in the results of CEO, but this writer is looking forward to seeing Hax$’s technical fox doubleshine its way through the bracket.