Changes Coming To The GameTyrant Website!


As many of you are aware, the GameTyrant web site has been silent for nearly a week. I apologize for this, but it was necessary to evaluate the direction would head moving forward. Changes in staff and behind the scenes stuff has led to some positions needing to be filled and/or changed. So, today I am pleased to announce that I have taken on the role of Lead Writer and Manager for GameTyrant has always been built off the passion of those who run it, and I’ve got plenty of passion to give to it, so it is with great excitement that I have accepted this role!

For those who might not know me I have been writing reviews, both current and retro, on GameTyrant for over 2 years now. I have also been running my own YouTube channel and Twitch streams for 4 years. I have been passionate about gaming for nearly 3 decades and hope to share that passion with everyone of you each and every day! On top of striving to bring you the latest gaming news and trends, I am filling out the team with others just as passionate about gaming in all of its forms to provide unique articles for you all to enjoy! I am excited to begin this journey and am looking forward to seeing where we can go. Thank you all so much for reading, see you in the comments!