Check Out 21 Minutes Of POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD Gameplay

Heading away from the 2D overview world of the classic Pokemon games and bringing them into a full RPG style experience is something that Nintendo has been slowly working on. Now, in the gameplay footage for Pokemon: Sword and Shield, we can see that they have successfully brought the Pokemon series to a full 3D environment for players to traverse through!

It looks like the experience of Pokemon is going to be at its height point. While it seems that there are some people that are not extremely enthused about the direction they have taken it, a full explorable world in the Pokemon universe is something that many fans have been yearning for. It is time to see what that experience could be like through the Gamespot 21 Minute Gameplay video.

Despite the excitement around the new Corgi Pokemon named Yamper, we couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t include him in the gameplay footage. There is, however, the reality of Raid-style battles in Sword and Shield. They seem incredibly similar to the ones featured in Pokemon GO other than the fact that you end up getting a supersized pokeball to throw at them in order to catch them.

The game does look exciting and I look forward to a new style of Pokemon gameplay to experience. Sword and Shield may be the direction Pokemon has needed to take for awhile, but truth will be revealed once the game reaches everybody’s hands. Until then, check out this one Twitter User’s excitement for the new Corgi Pokemon.