Check Out How HALO 3 Will Look On The Xbox One X


Microsoft is giving us a look at Halo 3 on the Xbox One X, and it looks like the 360 classic will be getting a visual upgrade when it heads into Xbox's next generation. The company uploaded two videos showcasing the graphical changes that showcase what all the game will go through in its transition to Xbox One X:

For some, this may only look like a small incremental change, but Microsoft tells us some games will be updated from 8-bit color depth to 10-bit, and HDR support may even be possible for some titles. If those changes are not possible, the games at the very least will run with better textures and at a higher frame rate on 1080 p and 4K TV's than they have previously.

For me personally, the change doesn't look that substantial, but if it gets people back into multiplayer for Halo 3, I'm all about it. Do you think the changes are substantial in the videos above? 

Source: Polygon