CIVILIZATION 6 Is Announced For the Nintendo Switch

gt-civilization-6 (1).jpg

2K Games confirmed that Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, is set to head to the Nintendo Switch this November. The announcement was made on the game’s official website stating that the console version of the game will include all of the latest updates and expansions, that will feature four extra content such as Vikings, Poland, Australia, and Persian and Macedon Civilization and Scenario packs. 

The game previously launched on the iPad back in 2017, with the Rise and Fall Expansion released in February. Civilization 6 for the Nintendo Switch will feature a four-player co-op and competitive multiplayer. It is expected that more information about the game will be released once Nintendo reschedules the next Direct presentation, which was initially scheduled to air yesterday but has since been delayed due to the earthquake that struck Hokkaido, Japan. 

Civilization 6 is now available on the PC and iOS devices, with the Nintendo Switch version set to release in November this year. 

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