CLOUD 9 Starts Out Dominant But Falls To LUMINOSITY In First Round of E-LEAGUE

Last night TBS premiered it's much-hyped e-Sports tourney E-League. For those not in the know, this $1.2 million prize pool CS:GO tournament is the beginning of Turner Broadcastings long-term foray into e-sports broadcasting.

Group A's finals began last night and saw Americans (and one Canadian) Cloud 9 taking on Brazilian and overall top team Luminosity. Cloud 9 entered as underdogs, but you wouldn't have known from the look of the first game! After a neck and neck first 20 rounds on Mirage, Cloud 9 managed to pull away with the help of some clutch plays by Stewie2k and n0thing.

N0thing in particular scored 24 headshots on Luminosity game one, which is the most headshots in a LAN match so far in 2016 according to HLTV.

It wasn't all roses, however, as TACO managed to get an early shame move on N0thing early in game 1 with a drawn out knife to the back...

Ultimately Cloud9 took Mirage and game 16-11.

Game 2 started with some competitive promise going all the way to double overtime before Luminosity turned it up in the final rounds and took the match 19-16 on Cobblestone.

Weirdly enough Cloud9 was favored Game 3 for Dust 2 and they were absolutely destroyed with Luminosity taking 14-1 as Terrorists from the beginning of the round and closing things out 16-9.

Disappointing loss for the Americans but fans of the sport will tell you no one expected a match this close between Luminosity and Cloud 9. Luminosity will advance to the week 9 finals for a shot at 1.2 million dollars.

Surprisingly, you can already watch the whole match online right now! Ultimately a good program! I loved the setup, analysis, and the fact I didn't have to deal with my internet connection during!