CONAN EXILES: Bloody Good Potential

Dark History

I must say, my experience thus far with any sort of Conan related game has been nothing short of unremarkable. Yes, there have been action titles, MMOs, etc but I haven't interested much at all, until now.. CONAN EXILES is now in Early Access for a discount price and I must say, things are looking up for this rough and gritty survival adventure.

Oh look, a boring crafting menu. Nope, even your starting tools are pretty sweet and very useful for harvesting and.. bashing in skulls.

A Light in the Shadows

So, with my interest piqued, I loaded up Exiles and created my own private servers. Who needs social interaction?! Bah! Well, that's the great thing about the game so far, you can play on official servers, unofficial, or just plain solo. Thanks devs! The character creation is solid with a huge selection of physical attributes, (yep, even genital size) and race, religion, etc etc. You are thrust out into a harsh desert and it's brutal to even stay alive against the elements.

This creature's name is Grug. He likes the taste of stone axe. BOOYAKASHA!

Bloody, Good Potential

After I harvested some plants, sticks, bugs (yum!), and stones, I crafted some basic stools like a torch, pickaxe, and a vest but stayed pantless. Yeah, that's hot. After bashing some skulls, I got into a much larger battle and then died of thirst. I usually am not enthralled with these types of games but between the gorgeous graphics, unusually high quality (though not finished) production values and solid environment interaction, consider me impressed. If you like Conan, survival type games or even better, both, this title is worth your time and gaming dollar.

Yep. The game features full nudity. Luckily, you can choose between none, partial and full. Saints and Sinners rejoice!