Confirmed: Nintendo NX Will Be A Portable Console Via Controllers

It has finally been confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be a new console that will be fully portable via its controllers. Eurogamer says one controller can be used to play all the game's on the console while away from the home, and that a second controller can be "bookended" to make the game screen larger.

It's also true that the company will make a return to cartridges, and insert them via the game controller. It's assumed the cartridges will be smaller in size as the controller hasn't been shown to be incredibly large.

For those who wondered if Nintendo will be trying to play catch up and modernize their graphics, it can be stated for sure that, at least when the games are running on handheld, they will be downgraded. Currently the Nvidia Tegra mobile processor is within the handheld unit, and will be used to power the games. It's possible the game's true experience will only be shown via console.

I think Nintendo has once again found a way to bring a mass appeal to it's consoles. Who hasn't imagined playing console games outside their main room for play?! All I keep hearing when we are talking about a mobile Nintendo console is this may be the first time we have a traditional Pokemon game on console!

What do you think of the details?