Creepy Ass Trailer For New Survival Horror GET EVEN

Gamescom 2016 has been full of surprises this year! First we get some fresh footage of Resident Evil 7, and now we have a brand new announcement of another Survival Horror games coming in 2017 from Bandai Namco!

Get Even may not have the pedigree of other games in it's genre, but it looks damn scary all the same. Here's a description of the game from the website...

With Cole Black's memory lost, his job is to find out why a teenage girl has a bomb strapped to her chest. GET EVEN’s twisted tale will have players questioning their perceptions of reality and the true meaning of justice as they unravel the mystery of how Cole ended up in the asylum and the fate of that teenage girl.

It's also noted the game will feature an "immersive" 3D acoustic audio experience. I'm sold just on the trailer though, check it out below.