Dark Culture Horror Game PULANG INSANITY

Experience horror from the Darkest Culture

The horror scene in the indie field continues to grow. More and more creators want to reach for a heart-stopping moment that could bring their game to light and be enjoyed by any fear-loving gamer. Indie game creator Ozy Yasin, owner of Ozysoft Games, has released information regarding a new horror game, Pulang Insanity. Located in Paser, East Borneo, Indonesia, the team is introducing the world to a set of events that is based on a local horror. This game isn't the debut game for the company, however, it is the debut game that will be available in more locations outside Indonesia from them.

Inspired by both Siren and the Silent Hill series. Being based on true events, this game is bringing an adventure with a unique story. There is a ritual that is commonly practiced in Indonesia called "Pesugihan." It is a dark culture ritual as the outcome expected is wealth, to feed an individuals greed, and its cost to perform: Human Sacrifice.

The Pesugihan Ritual
Performed to earn wealth instantly without doing any work, yet it needs a fairly big amount of sacrifice in form of a human's soul every 40 days. This ritual could be labeled as "succeed" if only the occult contract given by Satan/Djinn is signed by the pleader.   After the contract is signed, money will appear out of nowhere, sometimes it will keep appearing until it piles up.

Play as Rudy, an Indonesian who traverses land and fear in order to perform the Pesugihan ritual, in hopes of becoming wealthy. However, after the sacrifice was given and the ritual has been completed, Rudy doesn't find himself receiving the rewards he hoped for. You must help Rudy escape the terrors that emerge from his consequential actions of performing the ritual. You will find yourself facing multiple puzzles and occasionally using combat as you attempt to end the suffering that begins after the ritual is performed.

While there is a combat system in place, it is not going to be recommended to go out fighting. There are no hiding spots as well. You will have to depend on your ability to maneuver and sneak around, being stealthy and quick, as you rack your brain trying to solve your latest obstacle and how to avoid being caught by one of the apparitions of Pesugihan victims.

Check out the Trailer:

There is still a lot of progress for the development of this game and is expected to release in 2017, but it has already been Greenlit on Steam and will be released on the PC and Mac platforms.

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