DARKSIDERS GENESIS Announce Collector's And Limited Nephilim Edition's!


THQ Nordic announced the next game in the Darksiders line up a month ago in its own feature trailer. Calling it Darksiders Genesis and giving it a top-down view with multiplayer, this next game is looking to be full of action! While the game itself has just been announced for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, there is no guesstimated release date set for it yet.

However, THQ Nordic understands that the announcement alone has brought about a lot of excitement for the next game and thus have provided some options when it comes to buying it. For those that have been following the series and thoroughly enjoy it, they have announced the Collector’s Edition which will include a Strife Figurine, Artbook, Soundtrack, and more to go along with the game itself. Check out the Collector’s Edition trailer:

The feature package deal that was announced is the limited version. This is the Nephilim Edition which will only have 5,000 units worldwide! This edition will have everything the Collector’s Edition is going to have as well as the upcoming Darksiders board game titled Darksiders: The Forbidden Land which was initially shown off at E3 2019. The board game will consist of:

  • 61 miniatures

  • 124 tokens

  • 36 multi-hex modular boards

  • 423 cards

  • 4 player boards

  • custom dice

  • rulebook

  • campaign book

Check out the Nephilim Edition trailer below:

The price planned for the Collector’s Edition is $109.99 for PC and $119.99 for console while the Nephilim Edition is planned to be $379.99 regardless. The only difference between the two Editions is the inclusion of the Darksiders Board Game, but until we get more details on that it seems that this limited edition is the only way to get your hands on The Forbidden Land, making it a rare 1 in 5,000 copies which would make the price worth it for any true fan of the Darksiders series.

What do you think of these two Editions that they are offering for Darksiders Genesis?