Dedicated Servers For EVOLVE Are Shutting Down In September

evolve (1).jpg

Turtle Rock Studios just announced that the dedicated servers and in-game store of the title Evolve will close starting on September 3. The announcement was revealed through 2K’s official site, which detailed that the multiplayer Evolve Stage 2 will remove its in-game currency bundles on July 2, and will shut down the dedicated servers and in-game shop on September 3. 

However, peer-to-peer multiplayer will still remain on the PC and console versions of Legacy Evolve, which was the name given to the original before it became a free-to-play title back in 2016. Evolve Stage 2 will be removed entirely from the PC. 

Furthermore, any cosmetic items, Hunters, and Monsters that players have purchased will still be available in Legacy Evolve. However, all in-game currency must be spent before the shutdown in September. After the shut down of servers, the modes that will remain are Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend and Arena. Single-player Evacuation, Quick Play, and custom matches will also be retained. 

Evolve was initially released in early 2015 and revolves around a 4-on-1 monster hunting shooter. Although the game received an overwhelmingly positive reception at launch, it failed to maintain a stable fanbase and its performance did not meet the developer's expectations. 

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