DESTINY 2 Physical Launch Sales Substantially Lower Than DESTINY Launch In U.K.


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Destiny 2 found its way to the top of the charts on the U.K. sales list last week, although it's physical sales numbers were substantially lower than Destiny. Destiny 2 sold 175k copies in its first week, where the original game had 417k physical copies sold. 

There's plenty of reasons why this could've happened. Destiny did launch on a Tuesday while its sequel launched on a Wednesday and that one day extra definitely had an impact on purchases for week 1. It's also worth mentioning that digital sales are not tracked, so for all we know that 300k that's missing could've purchased the game digitally. 

Bungie doesn't seem to be all that worried as they proudly tweeted 1.2 million players were online over the weekend: 

Time will tell if the Destiny community has really shrank that much between titles, until then we can only take this information and speculate. Is it really possible that Destiny lost that many fans between games? Why would that happen?

Source: Eurogamer