DESTINY 2 Pre-Order Collector's Edition Sold Out on the First Day

Yesterday I announced the start of a pre-order sale on Amazon for the Destiny 2 game from Bungie. I found out, thanks to many of the Facebook commenters, that the "Collector's Edition" was sold out on the first day! That's insane!

I know that it was a great deal and is coming with some awesome collectibles for the fans of Destiny, but we don't know anything about the story or actual gameplay that will be featured in this sequel! There are so many questions that are still unanswered about the upcoming game, but the audience's excitement is obviously much more than Amazon presumed.

Hopefully they are able to restock swiftly so more of us can get our hands on this pretty sweet deal! Here's the "Collector's Edition" offer again for those who are looking forward to getting your hands on this $250 offer while it lasts! And don't forget that there is still the $99 "Limited Edition" available.