Development For The Next LEGEND OF ZELDA Has Begun


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the biggest games to hit the Nintendo Switch this year. If you have just finished playing the game, and the new DLC (more details here), then rest assured that the next game in the franchise has already started development. If you’re still wondering whether Breath Of The Wild is any good, check out our full review of the game here

The producer for the Legend of Zelda series, Eiji Aounuma, has confirmed that the team has started the development phase of a new game on a critically acclaimed series. Game Informer reported that Aounuma made this announcement in the new art book for Breath of the Wild called Master Works. 

Since Breath of the Wild is still fairly new, and the announcement was just recently made, there are still no details regarding the new Zelda game or whether it will be released for the Switch. In the past weeks, Nintendo has been making headlines when they announced that they are looking to partner with more mobile game developers since the release of the first Animal Crossing mobile game called Pocket Camp. In light of this, there is a huge possibility that the new Zelda game could come out for mobile, but I think the game would be better on the Switch. 

It is also not surprising that Nintendo is starting to make a follow up on Breath of the Wild since The Legend of Zelda series is one of the company’s biggest franchises. In fact, Breath of the Wild started development right after Skyward Sword was launched in 2011. If Nintendo is taking a similar approach with this new entry in the series, can we expect the new game to be ready by 2022?

Personally, I really wouldn’t mind waiting for years for a new Zelda to be released as long as Nintendo does it right. Breath of the Wild already took huge steps in innovating the series as they introduced an open-world environment. Hopefully, this new project will take it further and re-introduce proper dungeons back in the game. 

What would you like to see in the new entry to the Legend of Zelda series? If you’re looking for other great games to play on the Switch, check out our Top 5 Picks for the best Nintendo Switch games released this year.