DOOM 2 Modder Spends 300 Hours Crafting Cool Level

Are you prepared for awesome? Because THIS is really awesome. Doom 2 modder and Redditor Ben Mansell spent 300 hours constructing an epically long map that takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete. This isn't just endless "kill rooms" either, this is a labyrinth of a level that wraps and winds you around hordes of enemies! Take a look at the map...

Foursite (which is available for download right here) is just as impressive as it looks on video. Mansell uploaded an hour long playthrough of him running through the level just to give you a sense of how monstrous and well done this thing is!

You don't even have to watch the full video. Just skipping around to random parts shows a lot of love and labor went into creating a level so great, it feels like it should be a part of the game. Hats off to Mansell on this one, this is why modding is great.