DOOM Developers Vow To Improve Multiplayer

Doom developers are ready to address the elephant in the room when it comes to their half celebrated game. Eurogamer reports that id Software has taken over the multiplayer experience of the game. The move was made after many believed Certain Affinity (the developer of Doom's multiplayer) made a less than average half to what was been a phenomenal single player experience.

So what's on the way? Executive producer Marty Stratton says players have the following to look forward to...

  • Custom game modes and private matches
  • things like weapon damage will be able to be altered
  • Map voting will be an option for matches
  • Bots will be available

Basically things that tend to come standard with your multiplayer experience. I'm still not entirely sure it'll make me enjoy playing it (I wasn't a big fan of the beta) but it will certainly help! Good on id for doing right by the fans.