DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Opening Cinematic Looks Dope


Bandai Namco has released another video to show off just how epic Dragonball Fighterz is going to be. This time they simply showed what the opening cinematic to the game is going to be, but I have to say that it makes the game look so much cooler than it did back when I played the beta at E3. Check it out:

This opening cinematic does show off more characters than they gave the moment to show off their name. While Android 17 was among Android 18 and 16, he wasn't given his own tag. This brings to question, what will the final roster actually be? I hope that he also makes it on the list because those three are like a set and each would have their own specials that I would love to exploit.

They also didn't show off the different saiyan forms for the multiple characters, so the next question I have would be - are we going to be able to transform mid battle or will they be separated on the roster like previous Dragonball games? If we can transform mid battle, would that actually affect how hard we hit or what our moves will be?

The cinematic looked amazing for sure, but I am anticipating so much that I am left with more questions after watching it. I can't wait to find out more about the game as it nears launches later this month!

While I am super excited to see that they are going to have both Teen and Grown Gohan's, I would like to be able to play as Master Roshi just once. He was an actual fighter in the original Dragonball series after all! What are your overall thoughts on the opening cinematic? What character, or characters, do you feel was left out and are still hoping to see make it on the official roster?