DREAMSCAPER Puts Dungeon Crawling In A New Light And Offers A Free Demo To Prove It

While the dungeon crawling game style itself is usually known for taking place, well, inside a dungeon, it seems that this isn’t the only use for it. In fact, indie developers Afterburner Studios are working on a game called Dreamscaper which literally brings this genre into a whole new light. Mixing fantasy and the real world, this Kickstarter success story title, which earned over 200% it’s asking goal, is on the fast track to becoming a full game of beauty and mayhem.

In fact, they have released a free demo that features two fully functioning maps, complete with randomization, puzzles, enemies, upgrades, shops, and bosses! You can see how the rogue-lite action in this RPG truly takes you out of the murky depths and puts the battle on the mainland. It is currently only available on Steam, but the game plans to launch sometime in Q1 2020 for both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the trailer below before taking any action, but a free demo is always worth checking out when you're curious about a games worth. If you do decide to grab it up, you can pre-order it now for either platform. First things first, enjoy a glimpse of what you can expect from this interesting twist in a beloved game genre.