10 Drool-worthy Full HD Screenshots from UNCHARTED 4

A hollow skull, wrapped in a dusty pirate's hate. A moss covered cage bellowing with said pirates bones swings gently in a slow breeze. The sunlight illuminates the scene as it rests upon you.

That is the title screen and the beginning of the incredible adventure of UNCHARTED 4, the latest modern masterpiece from the wizards at Naughty Dog. In just the first few chapters I've already taken over 100 screenshots and I just may fill up my PS4 HDD by the time the game is over. To say game is gorgeous is a gross understatement as truly, I just haven't seen anything else like it ever, especially being rendered on a console. The sheer amount of technological and artistic power on display is just unbelievable and I can't wait to see more of the game. If you've been holding off on getting a PS4, stop, drop, roll, and run to your nearest store and buy one along with UNCHARTED 4. It must be experienced by every gamer out there.

Check out a handful of screenshots from the opening chapters below and stay tuned for a full review and more coverage in the coming days. All shots were captured in game and non of them are pre-rendered. Click on the screenshot for a full HD view of said shot.