E3 2017 First Impression: DEAD ALLIANCE Lets You Fight Alongside Zombies

Maximum Games is bringing the title Dead Alliance to PS4, PC, and XB1 as early as August 29th with an open beta coming near the end of July! This new take on pvp lets you use the zombies in the map against your enemy, but they can also do likewise.

There will be a single player mode as well, featuring a survival horde-wave type challenge that will tell the story of what happened to the world, why there are zombies, and why there are the two factions fighting each other.

The game is made to be a 4v4 (because there aren't many humans left) with seven maps. It starts with three pre-set loadouts with a total of six; all customizable with the items you unlock. Unlocking items is based on a leveling up system and will require you to unlock the item per class you want to use (light, heavy, etc). The online modes will be a range of different styles, from Free-for-All, to Capture & Hold, King of the Hill, Attrition, and Team Deathmatch!

There are also different zombies that can be beneficial in different ways. There is a bulky one that is a hard hitter that when you enrage it, which makes any zombie hit harder, can take down an enemy with only a few hits! There are also other ones, such as one that had these green wart things all over it which, once killed, grant health regeneration.

The game is a fun new take on the FPS-PvP genre and it was cool being able to use my different tools, such as the PAM grenade, to take over the zombies and have them attack my enemies! Although, I wish there was a full campaign coming with the game since the concept of fighting with zombies instead of against them is an intriguing new idea.

Check out the Trailer: