EA Community Manager Teases SKATE 4

An EA Community manager is making headlines after he tweeted out a cryptic message regarding the Skate series...

So is Sr. Community Manager for EA Daniel Lingen teasing Skate 4? These are the facts we can take from Twitter...

  • Lingen sent the tweet at 12:38 AM on a Saturday
  • Lingen was attending a convention in which he was hosting a panel
  • Lingen took a flight the next day which leads us to believe he was out of town

So was this the honest plight of a man who wanting to leak the news before anyone else that a Skate 4 game was on the way, or was he drunk at a convention and flexing in front of people? I guess we will find out Monday as the tweet still has yet to be deleted! Thanks to Neogaf for spotting this!