EARTHFALL Invades Consoles This Summer


With a gaming community constantly looking for more ways to play cooperatively with friends, more titles are being announced following the popular set up from Left 4 Dead. While that series was popular as a four player zombie survival game and an Egypt based version called Strange Brigade featuring mummies, we finally get the sci-fi version with Earthfall.

Developed by Holospark and filling the world around the players with aliens and strange creatures, fans of extraterrestrials can team up and fight through the hordes. While it is currently available on Steam, the trailer featured at E3 for Earthfall announced the console launch date set for July 13, 2018 and it's pretty awesome as well:

The action with the aliens does seem to bring a new layer of game play that players didn't have in the original four player cooperative titles of the genre. Plus, nothing like killing things you don't understand with friends! They took over Earth and it's now up to us to send them the welcome package they deserve.

Do you have a team ready to take on the unknown creatures from space in Earthfall?