First Hands-On Preview of THE LAST GUARDIAN and Confirmation of 2016 Release

As we approach E3 2016 it seems only fitting that Sony’s going around providing hands-on time with The Last Guardian to start building up hype for the game. I can’t remember an E3 since 2007 where people weren’t clamoring in excitement every time Sony vaguely teased that The Last Guardian was “coming soon”, and this year may finally be the last time they get to do it.

Edge Magazine just published their impressions from a hands-on preview with the game and a Q&A with acclaimed video game designer, Fumito Ueda.

Edge reports that the gameplay mechanics will consist of the player controlling the boy we’ve seen in the trailers but not Trico, the big chimera hyena-cat-eagle monster. One of the control schemes they got to play with involved using a mirrored shield to mark a spot by using the light reflected on it and Trico firing red lightning out of its tail to destroy the marked target, which sounds pretty sweet if you can wield it correctly and on command, the latter being a central element of this game.

Although this may end up frustrating many a player, Ueda decided to make Trico into a creature that will disregard the player’s attempts to control it and will become more docile as you progress through the game and strengthen your relationship with him. Ueda describes Trico as being difficult, not necessarily an ally, and at times even useless. In an attempt to create a more organic and unique experience, a lot of coding went into the creature's AI to make it do whatever it feels like doing per se, and his actions will have a direct effect on whatever situation is unfolding in the game. So essentially, Trico is just a giant Pokémon, and much like Pikachu or Charizard you need to earn the creature’s respect through kindness and friendship in order for it to become more likely to follow your commands. Additionally, Trico’s eyes will act as mood rings and change color as an indicator of emotional status so that you can get an idea of if you’re on the creature’s good side or not. 

Finally, when asked about why it took so long for the game to come out, Ueda commented,

It was quite difficult for me to keep my motivation up. But my other games have also had long development periods, so in that sense, I think I’ve been able to keep my motivation quite high.

He also expressed that while he is a little worried about the game’s reception he is also very excited since this is the year we’ll see the game’s release, and there you have it, expect a release date from Sony coming soon.