STEAM Blocked Throughout MALAYSIA Due to Sacrilegious FIGHT OF GODS


As mentioned on Tuesday, there is a new fighting game that is causing quite a fury across the world. Whether that fury is due to the game being offensive and angering religious groups, or the fury that is actually taking place in-game as each fighter pits his deity for the title of the best divine fighter, you decide. This game.... is Fight of Gods.

And the Malaysian government will have none of it. Not only is the game banned from the entire country, but they have actually blocked the entire Steam domain. No one in the country can access the store and download it from there anymore. Yesterday, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission had issued Steam with a command to shut the game down. Not waiting for a response, the government immediately issued a command to have the domain banned. The MCMC Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak explains why.

(To ensure) solidarity, harmony, and wellbeing of the multi-racial and multi-religious people in the country are the main objectives of the government. The government will not compromise with any action that can jeopardize these objectives.

PQube, the company that published the game on Steam for Digital Crafter, are busy resolving the matter in discussions with Steam, while Steam attempts to have the ban lifted. They have removed the game from the Malaysian Steam store.

I have a feeling this is just the start. I can see other governments following their example very soon. Perhaps Vatican City will be suing them next, or the Buddhist monastery in Tibet. I'm not even sure if they have internet up there, but word of this offense will surely reach them quick enough.

I've reached out to Digital Crafter to get their thoughts on the matter. Their silence is in all probability due to having to deal with the backlash at the moment. You can be assured that if they do respond, we will be posting the interview right here.

How do you feel about the game? Has the idea of such a game offended your religious principles too? Or is it just a bit of lighthearted fun? Let us know.


Source: IGN



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