Epic Games Confirms FORTNITE For The Nintendo Switch

Developer Epic Games officially confirmed that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The announcement puts to rest several leaks and rumors circulating around the availability of the battle royale game to Nintendo’s hybrid console. 

Fans of Fortnite don’t have to wait too long because the game is now available to the Switch as a free download today. Currently, Epic Games did not release details on any Nintendo-specific content. Concerning cross-play with other platforms, Epic’s Nick Chester revealed on Twitter that the Switch version will have cross-play functionality with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Mobile. This means that Switch players can play with anyone except with PS4 players, which is not a surprise at all. 

Fortnite is currently available for the PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and iOS. Epic Games previously announced an Android version coming this summer. 

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