ESL And Pro Teams Collaborate To Make E-Sport Regulatory Commision WESA

In a huge step to further legitimize the sport, ESL and several pro teams have combined to create the World E-Sports Association or WESA for short. The board will oversee regulation of the sport and make sure players and sponsors are effectively being taken care of. The mission statement of WESA reads as follows...

WESA’s mission is to become the global benchmark for industry-wide standards through that framework, involved parties and activities of the Association. It will be the first organization in the history of esports that will bring those affected by its decision most, to the decision making table. Transparency towards Teams and Players, as well as a continuous support to them are at the heart of the Association.

Developing and implementing elements of regulation, player representation and fairness in sharing in the success of its undertakings, the World Esports Association will enable esports Teams and Players to operate under a transparent umbrella that provides its holders with stability, legal advice and protection from economic uncertainties.

Bringing Teams and Players to the core of its decision making processes, WESA provides a transparent and inclusive communication channels for those who are most affected by the decision the Association makes.

Pro teams such as Fnatic, Virtus.Pro, Mousesports, Faze Clan, and more are involved in the advisory board, and with some of the sports biggest names backing the brand looks like WESA is the beginning of great things for the sport as a whole! It'll be interesting to see what will potentially become a world sports organization grow and develop! Check out their site right here!