EVIL DEAD 2 Board Game Successfully Funded On Kickstarter In Under A Day

In under a day, Space Goat productions has successfully reached their goal of funding the Evil Dead 2 board game. The game needed $70,000 to become a reality and with 32 days left on the Kickstarter, it has $153,624! Space Goat thanked supporters by revealing some miniatures that weren't previously available in the Kickstarter which you can see now on the campaign (minus Ash's hand...but you can guess what that looks like).

What I think sets this franchise board game apart from others is that the game actually sounds fun to play! Obviously, that's always the intention but I can't tell you how many licensed franchise games I've played that had poor game design or just not entertaining because they know you'll buy just because of the name. Check out the description video...

Good stuff right? Support the game on Kickstarter if you're interested and see the game piece list below for an idea of what to expect.