Explore with Freedom in OPTIMUM LINK

In a world of games filled with objectives and missions, it's nice to have some freedom to do whatever you want in a game sometimes. Being able to explore new worlds and lands while playing with new tools and toys offered in the game just brings out the creativity in players as they indulge hours of game time in to the free game play. This sandbox game play style has brought games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, both of which are part of the inspiration for Protoria Studios to develop Optimum Link; a game currently available, for free, on the PC. Optimum Link is a game that was developed with the sole purpose to give players the freedom of the game play.

"It's the things that you aren't expecting in this game that make it what it is." - Colin Ososki

Game Play

As you roam around in first person view, you will be equipped with a set of Tools. These tools are really what shift the game play between different things. There will also be enemies in the game which are Game Machines. These machines are sometimes loaded with mini-games that can be activated, in which players are put up against a wave of themed enemies. If the player should die, you would lose precious COINs, which are what you collect through various methods to use to buy upgrades and customization's. Which is another aspect that's interesting. Your in control of customization as well. You can change the colors and skins to anything from the multitude of selection offered in game.

Players load up in a virtual space that just contains a rocket ship and some wormholes. The wormholes are your portals to the different types of worlds offered in the game, while the rocket ship is your upgrade center. You will find this rocket ship at least once in each of the worlds. This is where you can activate the upgrade menu and, in future updates, it will be doing more, such as: Let players adjust world settings like day time and weather or allow players to change game modes.

The wormholes leading you to themed worlds gave me another question for Ososki: Are there going to be more wormholes, and are they themed? Here's his answer:
"Yes, definitely. There are at least 3 new worlds in the works this moment. The plan is to fill up the outer rim of the Pod with wormholes. Themes was definitely an idea since the beginning as well. The first wave of that is already there; the Moon (feat. Aliens and Robots). I've already posted a little preview on my devlog about one of the new worlds, which is basically an ocean with several islands. Some worlds are more interactive than others, for example Home is a city (loosely based on my home town) where there's plenty of "citizens" roaming and lots of objects to play with already there. Some are more open and free, like Alaphrah, which is basically a large open grass field."

The Tools

Which tool you use will propel the different antics and fun you can get in to. Here's a list of some of the tools available:

5P4WN - The "5P4WN" tool you can drop objects in and remove them out of the environment at will. What you do with the objects you drop in the world is totally up to you! Vehicles can also be dropped in, for both driving and flying options.

Laser Gun - If you want to fight then you can drop enemies such as: Zombies, Aliens, Robots and much more. You would use the Laser Gun to fight back against the enemies.

TK Machine - The TK Machine which will let you manipulate objects in several ways. This can be from throwing stuff around in it's early stages and lifting everything around you after upgrades; you can even slow down time with this tool!

Paint - The final tool to mention is the Paint tool, which does exactly what you think it does; allow players to paint.

Check out this Game Play Trailer:

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