FALLOUT 4 — An Interview with Courtenay Taylor: Voice of the Lone Survivor

One of the best parts of modern gaming is the way the actors deliver performances that give the characters such a believable, personal, and relatable element. Such a talent was required with Bethesda’s latest Fallout installment, as they made a specific effort to infuse the experience of survival in The Commonwealth with a lot more emphasis on story this time. Courtenay Taylor, as per usual, brought an incredible performance to Fallout 4 that exhibits a staggering amount of versatility and depth in the game’s female protagonist. 

I wanted to find out how it was to work with the team at Bethesda and what it took to record such a vast amount of voice over work. A surprising concept Courtenay brought up is the fact that it’s helpful to learn the sweet science of boxing; it turns out that getting hit/throwing a punch can teach you a lot about how you sound and how you can convey that accurately in the vocal booth. We also talk about how sometimes it’s the people in her personal life that inspire her work.

My first experience hearing Courtenay was her performance as Jack in the Mass Effect series. Between what she brought to that, Fallout 4, and around 80 other games, we’re thrilled to have such an awesome guest on this week’s episode of GameTyrant Audio.

You can follow Courtenay on Twitter, Facebook, and her website.

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